Beautiful Delta

There are a lot of parts about the Sacramento – San Joaquin Delta Estuary that will drive a person mad.  And then there are parts like this view out our backyard.


Valentine snowshoe


A Weekend with the Beautiful People

It is always fun to see family.


In this case, some cousins from NYC and So.Cal. flew into Sonoma to join Karen and I for some wine tasting and relaxation.IMG_0633


In a (race car) class of my own

Over the holiday I was fortunate enough to have the Kramers send me to race car school!

Now ya’ll know a real life racer.

Belize and Guatemala

A new years adventure to Belize and Guatemala.

Karen was scuba certified… and will now only dive in world renowned spots.

Excellent time spent with the Kramer & Pong families.

Thanksgiving Family Time

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Not because of the food, although it will put a smile on my face.  Rather, its the time with family unencumbered by the pressures of gifting stuff to others and receiving stuff from others.  Thanksgiving is about a better gift; it is about the gift of friendship and camaraderie.

Some Outdoorsy Shots

Karen and I have been out and about.  Here are some pictures to prove it.

Italy and Croatia preview

recently we returned from a business trip to Italy and a week of relaxation in Croatia.


Back in the saddle

after a short hiatus, I’m back to blogging. 

Now here is a photo…


Rocket-Day 2014!

This past weekend, friends gathered at Folsom Lake for some rocket launching fun.  Kids of all ages (4-45) enjoyed pushing a big red button and watching the rockets scream into the sky.  Only one self-destruction and three water recoveries.

Enjoy the video at:

Also, enjoy some photos from the day.