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    Who? is a site about a couple; actually, this is a site about two families. One family is from Southern California and one family is from Michigan, just outside Detroit. Both have an ethos of respect and support for those they love. While our lives carry us to different places and different situations, the underlying tie of family remains strong and allows each of us the joy of knowing there are people in this world who will look out for the best interests of each of us.

As with any family, these two have grown over time, adding beautiful and brilliant new members through marriage or birth. At the same time, we have said good-bye to many important people to the family. Yet, it is through these additions and losses that our group has become stronger and closer than ever. When others join us, we expand our cumulative strengths. At times of hardship, we renew our commitment to be there for one another.

 All About James Mizell II

    What? chronicles the adventures, musings, and important events of its creators. Some posts might be exciting, while others may be thoughtful or sad. Yet, in all cases, they are the real-life moments of Tripp and Karen.


You’ll see that these posts are from all over the world. Our adventures are vast and we love to share the experiences and photos.