2010 Vacation – Scotland – Edinburgh

Leaving northern England and traveling to Scotland, the family arrived in Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival.  Finding our hotel was not easy.  The 7 of us, luggage in tow, walked just over an hour.  It was our luck, however, that the day was sunny and dry.  So, we were able to see quite a bit of the town on the way.  The guesthouse was called the Cluaran House and is a nice place to stay.  Well appointed rooms in a beautiful old home, it was outside the main city but within walking distance.

Our lunch was at Montpelier’s, a very nice boutique restaurant.

We visited the local playground near the Royal Mile and let Kelly and Rory play after a long day of travel.

That evening, we attended the Edinburgh Tattoo, a military and stunt festival in the courtyard of the Edinburgh Castle.  The highlight was a series of pipes and drums corps.  Quite a show.

In the morning, we walked to a puppet show, part of the festival.  It was quite funny and the kids liked it quite a bit.  Then we saw the highlight of today, a grumpy yarn spinning lady… with a 2 foot tall mohawk that matched her kilt tartan.

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