England at the New Year

While this post is not necessarily on time, it will have to do.

Karen and I spent the time between Christmas and New Years in England visiting Grant, Evelyn, Kelly and Rory.  We had not seen the whole family for a year and a half.  Therefore, it was wonderful to catch up and see the kids.

Kelly is now talking with a thick English accent.  I’m sure that the ladies back stateside will just adore him for that trait (think Love Actually).  He is getting to be a great hiker.  With Grant making sure that everyone receives a thorough hike every few days, Kelly will be ready to hit the endurance race circuit in another year or two.

Rory is walking, talking and adorable.  Last time we saw her she was a babe-in-arms.  Now, she’s her daddy’s girl.  Of course, she loves her mom too, and there are times when she seeks each of them out.  She also loves following her older brother around.

Karen and I really enjoyed the time with the kids.

Grant and Evelyn are doing well too.  We were imposing a bit, arriving on the same day that they said good-bye to Evelyn’s parents and brother.  So, while they didn’t let on, I’m reasonably certain that we were wearing them down a little more each day.  That said, they did a great job of showing us around the countryside.

We saw Woodhenge, Oxford, Salsburry, and Windsor.  They were field-like, studious, shop-a-rific, and royal respectively.

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