A weekend in Newport with Family and Friends

Karen and I spent the weekend down in Newport visiting with Julia and Chris, and Taylor and Matt.  Taylor’s parents were kind enough to allow the six of us to occupy their Balboa home.  As our base of operations, the home served as an excellent place to play games, go on bike rides along the beach, and go sailing.

When on the high seas, Captain Tripp and 1st Mate Matt set about charting a course north into the high seas.  Meanwhile, Bosun Chris kept the sails trim and tidy.  Master at Arms Julia provisioned the vessel and set out a great feast upon the deck for her shipmates.  Swabbie Karen fetched this-and-that as demanded by her crew mates.  There was, however, one sneaky individual aboard.  Pirate/Mutineer Taylor deviously plotted to get some of the more senior crew to jump overboard.  Once achieved, she fomented content with the 1st Mate by snuggling on the foredeck.  With his crew in tatters, the Captain returned to harbor where the lot of them safely returned home.

As always, the weekend was full of fun friends, food, conversation and merriment.

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