A series of dives at Catalina Island

I received a call from my good friend Brandon the other week asking if I had time for an adventure.  My obvious answer was in fact, “Yes, I always have time for an adventure.”  So, I was told about a boat, an island, friends and some dive equipment.  A few weeks later I was driving south with a trunk, or boot for those of you familiar with Mini Coopers, full of dive equipment and an expectation for an adventure-filled weekend.

At an inordinately early hour the next morning Brandon, Rich and I were meeting up with Mark in front of the Starbucks on our way to San Pedro Harbor and the waiting chartered dive boat.  On the way, we reviewed the likelihood of several contingencies and plotted what level of diving we’d undertake.  This was necessary as some of us, I for one, had not dove for many years.  But, largely Scuba is like riding a bike; you never forget the fundamentals.

The captain of the boat was an expert and professional.  He, and his crew, took care of the details and allowed us to focus on diving and enjoying the day.  Of note, we saw more lobster than we could count (it was 2 weeks before season opening), moray, garibaldi, and several giant sea bass.

You can get a sense of our dives with the following link to a video.

YouTube of Dive

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