Martha’s Vineyard

Over the weekend of May 31 – June 1 we visited Martha’s Vineyard in order to attend a friend’s wedding.  Julia and Chris drove in from Boston to visit with us and enjoy the island one last time before their move.

It was Karen’s and my first time to the island, which was enhanced by the JetBlue gate attendant who spoke with a Jamaican accent.  I just couldn’t stop the internal monologue… “We is now boardin’ the first class cabin mon.”

The weather was lovely and the party fantastic.  With the experience we had, it wouldn’t take much to convince us to visit every summer.  The sleepy town seemed very prim and proper until you stepped inside one of the many waterfront bars.  Then it was a party scene cut straight from the Newport peninsula.

On the way in from California, we scheduled a long stop in NY in order to catch up with our very good friends Brandon and Siu Ki.  Lunch at Columbus Circle and a quick cab back to the airport.  But it was good to see them nonetheless.

Enjoy the photos.

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