11th, 4th and the Stanislaus

Karen and I spent our 11th anniversary over 4th of July weekend backpacking along the Stanislaus River in the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness.  The trailhead was up several miles of dirt road, which required Vader to drive very very slowly at times, and at others to utilize the banked dirt walls as roads themselves.  The hike wrapped around the Dardanelles, a group of mountains with mysterious volcanic origins (oooooooh).  We camped at the eastern-most point on Spicer Meadow Reservoir, and went on a looping day hike over toward Bull Run Peak on Sunday.  Good thing that Karen remembered her map and compass.  We ended up loosing the trail several times (as we were probably the first humans to walk on it in years) and cross-country hiking down a watershed that conveniently led us precisely back to our camp.  Yay us.  Quite a lovely time with virtually no one around except us two love-birds and enough bear activity to keep things lively.  Enjoy.

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